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Trade Futures & Options

on Bitcoin and Ether

Elevate your F&O trading with 24/7 open markets, efficient margining and INR settlement

Trade Crypto without owning it
Margin & P/L in INR
Deposit INR, Withdraw INR
We are registered with FIU - Govt of India and are fully compliant with Indian regulations

Designed To Delight Traders

Like F&O Trading, But Better

Familiar instruments (Futures & Options) , familiar interface but with crypto underlyings

Start smaller
Small lot sizes (BTC contracts @ ~ Rs 5000 |ETH contracts @ ~ Rs 2500) to make it easy to get started
Trade 24/7/365
Crypto markets never closes, neither does Delta Exchange India
Enjoy daily expiries
Daily, weekly and monthly expiries to give you more trading opportunities
Do more with less
Smart margining scheme to enable you to trade more with less capital

Easy Sign Up

Start Trading In Minutes

Start your crypto futures and options trading journey without owning any crypto

Complete KYC Verification
Keep your Aadhar and PAN handy. KYC takes < 1 min
Link Bank Account And Deposit INR
Conveniently deposit INR directly from your bank account. Crypto not needed to trade
Start Trading
Start trading futures and options on BTC and ETH

Best In Class

Pro Trading Features For Everyone

Basket Orders With Margin Benefits

Place multiple orders together as a basket to enjoy margin offsetting

Strategy Builder

Build and analyse trading strategies comprising of group of futures and options

Deep OTM/ITM Strikes

Trade deep OTM/ITM options strikes with daily and weekly expiry

Pnl Analytics

Conveniently track and analyse your trading performance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta Exchange India legal?
We are registered with Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of India and 100% compliant with Indian regulations.
Do I need crypto to trade on Delta Exchange India?
Can I buy Crypto on Delta Exchange India?

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We offer futures and options on Bitcoin and Ethereum.